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How to Get Celebrity Status Skin nyc new york ny

The celebrities on the red carpet definitely look great with their radiant skin and wrinkle-free foreheads and brows. Here are some tips from least invasive to more invasive to become the envy of the crowd:

Get started on a routine skin care regimen that involves gentle exfoliation (an alpha-hydroxy acid or light glycolic acid can do the trick) of dead skin cells, followed by a sunscreen and moisturizer. Neutrogena and Olay are less expensive over the counter brands. More upscale brands like Clinique and Lancome are effective as well with a broad array of products.
If you have acne, get treated! There are many ways to treat acne, ranging from over the counter products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, to prescription strength products with topical antibacterials and vitamin A derivatives that treat the bacteria that cause this problem. Retin-A may be useful for ruddy, uneven complexions.
Treat your self to some new quality makeup. A large part of the reason those stars look so good is that they have hairstlyists, clothiers, jewelers, and make-up artists providing for them right before the big event. Make-up brands like MAC, Trish McEvoy, and Nars are known for their "stage make-up" that can help hide imperfections and not appear too heavy. I also like a new, rising upscale brand called Le Metier de Beaute that offers light-diffusing foundation, really cool pen-like liquid liners, and wonderful colors of lip gloss! Check out their website.
Even though celebrities may hesitate to publicly admit it (and who would want to?), it is not uncommon for them to seek the advice and treatment from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon beforehand. Many smoothened foreheads and brows have been treated with Botox Cosmetic several days before the big event, and plumped up lips and nasolabial folds may have been given a little boost with Restylane or Juvederm soft tissue fillers. Caveat: if you want to try this route, go to a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist that knows what they are doing, and if you are going to get injectables, do it at least a week before your big day so that any bruising and swelling have time to fade!